Count On It

Count On It

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Chorus 1:
You can count on it, baby! My word is your rock, you'll be safe and sound.
There's no way, I'm gonna let you drown!

Chorus 2:
You can count on it, baby!
No if's, and's, but's or maybe's.
His Word is my Rock! I'll be safe and sound.
Ain't no way, the Lord's gonna let me drown!

"Hey, Noah! What's up my man!
You're off the hook! I'm your biggest fan!
You strive for righteousness.
You and your family I will bless.
The others? Evil they've sought.
They'll be destroyed for the grief they've brought.
A project I want you to build.
Next hundred years, your calendar's filled.
Listen to my intentions.
Build me an Ark with these dimensions.
Three fifty by seventy five.
No shortcuts and you'll survive.
Three decks, forty-five feet high.
Door to get in, roof to stay dry.
You'll need lots of gopher trees.
You'll soon be sailin' on the open seas!"


No questions. He refused to ask.
He said, "Lord, I'll finish this task.
Your strength through my hands.
I choose to obey what you command.
Please bless each board and nail.
Without your help, we'll surely fail."
The neighbors, he tried to explain.
They didn't understand 'cause they'd never seen rain.
"Nice boat! / You've worked real hard.
Why is it here in the middle of your yard?
Hey Noah! / Did ya' make a mistake?
No ocean, not even a lake.
Your family / ain't nothin' but fools.
Give it up Noah! Put away your tools.
Water / can't fall from the sky!"
But Noah stood firm with a simple reply.


Word up! / Noah's lost his brain.
Call the doctor! He's gone insane.
No matter, Noah and his sons
Hammered away 'til the Ark was done.
God said, "Store what you need.
For your floating zoo and family to feed."
Porcupines! Kangaroos!
Some by seven, but most by two's.
They went in. God closed the door.
At first just drizzle, then it started to pour.
The water soon covered the land,
A patient God had removed His hand!
Noah trusted for all those years.
Not one worry or a single fear.
When the water rose around the boat.
No doubt about it! He knew it would float. (He said)

(Chorus 2)

It seemed like an endless fountain,
water so deep it covered the mountains.
Nothing was left alive.
If you weren't on the Ark, you didn't survive.
Noah's wife said, "We gotta get along,
But the odor in this ark is pretty strong.
I'm here, my position won't soften.
Boys, you change the hay more often!"
Six months, then the Lord's command
for a blowin' wind to dry up the land.
"Leave the Ark!" Didn't have to ask twice.
They all gave thanks with a sacrifice.
"To your sons, their sons and daughters
I'll not destroy the earth with water!
Go forth and multiply!
I'll keep those rainbows in the sky!"


Lyrics by John Wilkie
Music by John Wilkie and Richard Wilson
copyright 1999 All rights reserved. Used by permission only

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