Can't Do Me No Harm

Can't Do Me No Harm

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Daniel 6

God had blessed Daniel in everything.
He was noticed and honored by Darius the King
who said, "You make the most money, my number one guy."
The other jealous servants thought Daniel should die!
They went to the king who signed a royal decree.
He said, "You can't worship anybody else but me."
Daniel knelt before God, in front of these men.
They said, "You leave no choice but the lion's den!"

Daniel cried, "YES! If I have to go!
He cried, "YES! and you need to know!
My God is with me! No cause for alarm!
Those li i i i ons do my spirit no harm!"

Daniel made a decision to face this ordeal.
When the king made a law there was no repeal!
Most thought Daniel was on his own!
When they threw him in the den, sealed with a stone.
The king made a mistake and he knew he was wrong,
so he waited in anguish all night long.
At the very first light, he called out in fear,
"Da a a a an my man, are you still here?"

Daniel cried, "YES! I'm all right!"
He cried, "YES! I've been safe all night!
God sent an angel, no cause for alarm!
Those l i i i i ons didn't do me no harm!"

Daniel could have complained, but he chose to obey.
We're all better off when we learn to say,
"It may not make sense, but I'll trust in your plans
For God, Your ways are always higher than man's!"
The times you face lions are gonna come along.
Remember we're weak, but our God is strong
When it all appears hopeless, remember to cling,
to the God who's in control of everything.

You can cry, "YES! I'm all right!"
You'll say, "YES! I'm still in the fight!
My God is with me, no cause for alarm!
Those l i i i i ons, can't do me no harm!
Those l i i i i ons, can't do me no harm!
Those li i i i ons, can't do me no harm!

Lyrics by John and Bonnie Wilkie
Music by John Wilkie and Richard Wilson
copyright 1999 All rights reserved. Used by permission only

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