It's Under My Feet

It's Under My Feet

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Lyrics by John Wilkie
Music by John Wilkie and Richard Wilson

The sea tossed them to and fro in a little fishin' boat.
Twelve men were wondering, "Is this gonna stay afloat?"
A strong wind was blowin', those waves were rollin' high.
All of the disciples cried, "I think we're gonna die!"
They looked over to Jesus. He was takin' a little snooze.
They said, "Why don't we wake Him?
We ain't got much to lose."
They woke Him and He calmed the storm and said,
"What's all the fuss?
Oh my friends of little faith! You gotta learn to trust!"

It's under My feet, when it's over your head.
You got nothin' to fear. You got nothin' to dread.
Remember My promise and all that I've said.
It's under My feet, when it's over your head!

Peter saw Jesus walkin' on the H2O
He started thinkin', "Man that's cool, I think I'd like to go!"
The Lord called out to him, held out His strong hand.
Peter started walkin' just like it was dry land.
But he took his eyes off Jesus and he started goin' down
He cried out,
"Oh, Lord please help! I think I'm gonna drown."
Peter clung to Jesus, a very smart thing to do.
As they walked back to the boat,
He knew these words were true.


Sometimes things aren't goin' well and I don't understand.
I've tried to walk with Jesus and obey all His commands.
There's trouble all around me,
and it seems there's no way out!
Those giants look gigantic and I am filled with doubt!
But He who's overcome the world knows just what I need.
So you will find me on my knees and this is what I'll plead
, "I'll trust you Lord and no one else. I'm not takin' chances.
I'll fix my eyes on the only One who rules our circumstances."

Lord, it's under Your feet, when it's over my head.
I got nothin' to fear! I got nothin' to dread!
I'll remember Your promise and all that you said.
It's under Your feet, when it's over my head!

Copyright 1996

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