Whale of a Journey

Whale of a Journey

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Ha ha ha ha ha
I'm not goin' down to Nineveh.
No no no no no
There's no way you can make me go.
I don't want to be anywhere near that place!
Those Ninevites, they aren't worthy
of your mercy and grace!

Ha ha ha ha ha
I can't wait to get to Nineveh!
No no no no no
Don't try to stop me! I'm ready to go
Any time, anywhere or any place!
To tell Ninevites they are worthy
of your mercy and grace!

The people down in Nineveh have chosen to ignore my ways.
I want you to warn them! For it's true that I have numbered their days.
Proclaim my words of truth! That's why you're being sent.
I am a God who's patient! I want them to repent!
But Jonah said, "Forget it! I do not want to take that trip."
He headed down to Joppa, bought a ticket and boarded a ship.
But he chose a different journey, ignoring God's plan.
He said, "Man, I'm gettin' outta here just as fast as I can!"


Soon it started stormin' 'cause Jonah was runnin' from the Lord.
He said, "Captain, you can stop it, but you'll have to throw me over board.
God asked me to serve, but I made the choice to flee."
So the crew took his advice, and they tossed him in the sea.
The wind and waves were silent, and the ship was safe from the gale.
But Jonah barely made a splash when he was swallowed by a whale.
He cried out, "Lord! Forgive me, I'll change my selfish way!
Please give me one more chance! I've got something to say!"


Three days had passed when God gave that mighty fish a command.
It swam to the shore line and spit Jonah up onto the sand.
He finally went to Nineveh to proclaim God's word.
But he wasn't very happy when all the people heard.
Sackcloth and ashes! No one took a single bite of food.
Our God loves repentance and a very humble attitude.
He said, "Jonah, no man has a right to hold a grudge.
I'm the only one who's worthy to be anybody's judge."

We should be sayin'


Ha ha ha ha ha
Please send me to Nineveh.
No no no no no
Choose me Lord! I'm ready to go!
Anytime, anywhere or any place
to share with all your children
your love, mercy and grace!

Lyrics by John and Bonnie Wilkie
Music by John Wilkie and Richard Wilson
copyright 1998 All rights reserved. Used by permission only.

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